Owners Of Dunkirk Construction Company Arrested In Scheme To Defraud Clients

SHERIDAN-A couple who owns Stanley Martucci Construction, a company based in Dunkirk, was recently arrested after a lengthy investigation according to the New York State Police.

Stanley and Alycia Martuccia, both 30 and both of 3918 Rt. 5, reportedly defrauded a particular client for thousands of dollars. The parties entered a hand-written agreement in May for the Martuccia’s to build an addition to their residence and garage according to the New York State Police.

Construction was reportedly slated to commence June 2nd for a total of $53,000, with the company requesting a down payment of $26,500. The Martuccia’s allegedly declined the check and then requested a cash payment.

The client reportedly supplied the construction company with $5,000 cash instead to start the construction. Correspondence was then conducted through Facebook messenger. Construction reportedly began ten days after they were supposed to. Once the garage was completed on June 20th, another $5,000 was given to the company to begin the excavation work at the residence.

The client reportedly provided additional cash throughout June and July, which they provided. By August 8th, the construction company had received $46,000 and still no building had begun. State Police said the garage was torn down and away, while the building underwent leveling and excavation.

An investigation revealed the company had three civil suits against them for unfinished work that was paid for. The respective total of defrauding was $49,100 under similar circumstances.

Both were charged with 1st degree Scheme to Defraud and released on appearance tickets.