Pair Accused Of Trafficking Meth Into City Of Jamestown

JAMESTOWN – Two men face a plethora of charges following a traffic stop where officers of the city’s Metro Drug Task Force reportedly confiscated more than a half-ounce of crystal methamphetamine shortly before midnight Wednesday.
Zachary Witherell, 26, Youngsville, PA and Jacob Motherwell, 28, Jamestown were  stopped on Allen and King  Streets per JPD.
Police say the driver, Witherell, was in possession of more than 14 grams of meth and clonazepam, a controlled substance used to treat seizures and anxiety.
The passenger, Jacob Motherwell, allegedly became combative with officers and refused to get into the police car.
Both  Motherwell and Witherell were taken to jail and arraigned in Jamestown City Court.