Parents Arrested After Toddler Walks Second Street Alone

JAMESTOWN-The parents of a two-year-old were charged Sunday night after the toddler was discovered walking alone along E. 2nd St. near Thayer St. according to Jamestown Police.

Christina L. Scrivner, 29, and Andrew S. Morton, 25, both of whom were charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child, were reportedly unreachable by police for 30 minutes before they finally called police.

One parent was reportedly sleeping while the other allegedly left the house prior to the uninjured child leaving and walking for an entire city block.

Both parents were taken to city jail. CPS was notified and the child was turned over to a family friend.



  1. So how many little ones has this been in the last month? Lazy druggie people that absolutely have no business having children.

  2. how come the other woman 3 weeks ago her child was walking 2nd street and they couldn’t find the parents for a whole day she never got charged with nothing I know why because she gave the Jamestown cops blow jobs and got off no charges

  3. Wow… I know a family that this happened to over 30 years ago when Jamestown was a much more desirable place to live. Some one found the child, brought the 2yr old back home and the distraught mother cried and finished raising her beautiful family peaceably and very well all by herself. Mom was a wonderful Christian woman. I can understand if drugs were involved somehow or if negligence has occurred more than once. I just think the government has their hands to heavily involved sometimes to the point of causing more harm than good.

  4. The mom was not home she went to the store while the boyfriend and the 2 year old where sleeping so before people just assume shit the need the whole storboyfris the mom and the boyfriend are not drug addicts so people get your facts straight

  5. I’d have to say it is a scary thing being a parent and knowing that if your child gets out of the house while you’re showering or sleeping in the middle of the night that the parents can be arrested. With that said any child that is found wandering a CPS case should be opened to make sure the child is being cared for and had supervision. There is no parent that can have their eye on their child 24/7, but there are ways to try and ensure that toddlers aren’t getting outside. Like chain locks that are big enough for them not to reach.

  6. I think Jamestown need to learn how to be good policemen and if that child is given back then it WILL happen again!! It’s sickening how some can get away with it and some don’t!!! Just Saying

  7. All I know is I am a dog owner and I never let her out with out watching her and here we are talking about a 2 year old child.

  8. Will you all listener to yourselves. It is the parents responsibility to give the child a safe & secure home. At that time of day she should had woke him up & told him she was stepping out.

  9. This woman is NO GOOD MOTHER, she has 4 kids by 4 differeny daddy’s she doesnt jave custody of her 2 oldest, her 3rd child she had to test atleast 5 different guys to find out who the daddy was & her last baby she only has joint custody with only half time placement,, GEE I CANT IMAGINE WHY..

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