Police Find Unattended Child On Falconer St, Mother Arrested After Resisting Arrest

JAMESTOWN-A city woman faces charges after her one-year-old was found walking along Falconer St. Friday afternoon according to Jamestown Police.

Police repored the one-year-old was with a bystander when they arrived.

The bystander said the child was chasing a dog towards the roadway when she stopped to help.

After talking to neighbors police located the mother, 20-year-old Katelin Didomenico.

Didomenico reportedly advised officers she did not notice the child was missing.

She was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child.

While police attempted to take Didomenico in custody, she allegedly  attempted to pull away from them.

She faces an additional resisting arrest charge.

Didomenico awaits arraignment in city jail.

The one-year-old was left with an uninvolved family member according to police.


  1. Hmm.She should have said she thought the child was with the other parent or that another child opened the door. Just like the incident on East 2nd St. About 2 weeks ago. Which no one missed the child with at least 2 hours passing. SMH.

  2. My question is..how does a 1 yr old open a door? He or she is very short, these incidents are happening way to often with parents not protecting themselves and their children. This 1 yr old, must be walking very unsteadily as well to be chasing a dog and only be 1. It costs less than a dollar to add a hook and eye gadget to a door. …very sad.

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