Police Seize Meth, Packaging Materials and Cash

JAMESTOWN-Two people, both of whom remain unidentified as of Sunday, were arrested Saturday afternoon at 115 Barrett Ave. after police seized a “quantity” of meth, packaging materials and cash according to Jamestown Police Captain Robert Samuelson. 

The address was confirmed by reporter Ryan Hedrick.

Samuelson told WNYNewsNow the house was active for meth sales but said the suspects weren’t cooking the material.

Here’s a breakdown of the personnel on scene:

Jamestown Police Department

  • Two Detectives
  • One Lieutenant
  • Captain Samuelson

New York State Police Department

  • SWAT Team
  • Two K-9’s
  • Five Troopers
  • Two CNET (Community Narcotics Enforcement Team) members.

Charges are unclear at this point.



  1. Heres my question……

    Is the city of Jamestown keeping track of where these people arrested are from ?

    Are they Jamestown natives or ” imports?”, coming to Jamestown from cities that cannot provide them with the cheap housing they can get in Jamestown. IE: Apple Orchard appts on second St.

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