Police Warn Public Of Recent Financial Scams

JAMESTOWN-City Police are investigating numerous complaints recently involving fraudulent incidents targeting local citizens over the phone and internet.

Several people were recently informed they “won” the lottery and they would need to text a number to claim their large cash prize per the Jamestown Police Department.

The winners are, then, asked to electronically transfer funds or send them through Western Union to handle the processing fee for their lottery winnings.

Victims aren’t re-contacted and are out of the money and funds they have sent when the transfer is made.

People have also reportedly poised as IRS agents who advise victims they were being sued by the IRS and that they owe back payments for tax funds and that they would go to jail if they do not pay.

Victims were, then, directed to wire the funds or to electornically send pre-paid cards for the payments. Citizens are advised to ignore such posts or calls and to NEVER send money for these requests electronically; they should never give any personal information to anyone over the phone or electronically that they can’t confirm who they are or represent.

The people who are coordinating these scams are usually outside the United States and use methods that are difficult to trace back to themselves, making it difficult for law enforcement to track them. Anyone who may have questions or concerns over these scams can contact their local law enforcement for further information.