Robbins Reportedly Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter In Death Of Wife; Second Manslaughter Deal This Year

MAYVILLE-Keith Robbins, the 36-year-old Jamestown man who was accused of killing his wife, Shari, entered a guilty plea of 1st degree Manslaughter Thursday according to a report from The Post-Journal. 

Shari was killed in a Prospect St. parking lot last November. Robbins fled the area and was taken into custody Nov. 16th after a nearly six-hour standoff with police at a Todd Ave. residence. He stabbed himself and JPD’s K-9 Mitchell during the standoff.

Mitchell, who sustained injuries, did recover.

First Degree Manslaughter carries a sentence of 20-25 years in prison and five years post-supervision release, and he’ll reportedly be sentenced by County Court Judge David Foley in December. Robbins’ plea deal marks the second manslaughter deal of the year, with Allen Witruke also pleading guilty to two counts of manslaughter.

Witruke was sentenced to two consecutive 20-year prison terms in August. Many community residents have asked via social media why District Attorney Patrick Swanson offered pleas to both men, who were set to stand trial for 2nd degree Murder (Witruke faced two charges as he was accused of killing both his wife and step-son in 2015).

WNYNewsNow left a message at noon with Swanson’s office to address the concerns of his constituents but, as of 12: 30 PM publish time, have yet to receive a response.

We will provide updates when and if they become available.

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  1. This man should sentenced to death. Period. The man shot his wife wife a rifle in a parking lot as she was going to work. He has been an abusive drunk for 20 years. He put that woman through 20 years of hell and then killed her in cold blood. They have 2 kids together whom now have NO parents at all. Every time they think of mom & dad this is what they have to think about for the rest of their lives. Robbins is selfish sadistic psychopath who should go straight to the electric chair. Period. The fact that this man can even get a “deal” for murdering his wife in cold blood and leaving their kids without parents for life is inexcusable. This is the direct result of a severely broken criminal justice system. The laws in the US have become so forgiving that the weak & light sentences for haneous crimes have allowed these sick people to murder someone and then 20 years later walk out of prison. Let that sink in. This man takes the life of his wife and in 20 years he gets to carry on with his life. There is something seriously wrong going on here. The fact that this man will be free again is proof of our defunk justice system. We have people serving 30+years & life sentences over marijuana distribution but a cold blooded murderer can walk free in 20 years. I hope we as a society are proud of ourselves because we have created our own problems by handing out these ridiculously weak sentences to murderers & rapists. Until we wake up and change these laws don’t expect anything to change either. Talking about it doesn’t change anything. It’s takes action.

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