Sheriff Says Internet Has Diversified Prostitution

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County Sheriff Joe Gerace says the internet has diversified the world’s oldest profession.
“It’d be naive to think it (prostitution) isn’t occurring, but we don’t have a tremendous amounts of reports or investigations into it,” Gerace said. “In this world, it’s very possible more is going on than is brought to our attention.”
“Then, you’ve got the whole issue of the dark web and many avenues for electronic contact.”
Gerace’s comments come after 35-year-old Westfield woman Amy Figueroa was charged after she allegedly ran a prostitution business from her Nichols Avenue residence for several months.
The New York Times says Atlanta, Miami and Seattle have the top three markets for sex trade in the United States, as they combined for roughly $600 million a year.

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  1. This is not news this happens everyday in bigger cities get a life and stop reporting and stuff that doesn’t matter it doesn’t effect the life or welfare of anyone in the community but the person you’re dragging through the mud prostitution is legal in many other countries and even in some places in our own country the only reason it is not legal is because it involves black market tax evasion stop making her out to be this horrible person she did what she did made her mistakes and that should be that for you or anyone else to be judging her is disrespectful and and ignorant she has children and family that do t need to be going through what their going through because you can’t find anything better to report on it might be against your moral code but it doesn’t make her a bad person

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