Sherman Woman Suffers Fatal Gunshot Wound In Hunting Accident

SHERMAN – A 43-year-old Sherman woman died as the result of a single gunshot wound in a hunting accident Wednesday evening near 2998 Armenian Rd. according to the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office.

Thomas B. Jadlowski, of Sherman, reportedly told deputies he mistook the deceased, Rosemary A. Billquist, for a deer when he fired a single shot pistol.

Jadlowski reportedly heard Billquist scream from 200 yds. away. He applied pressure to the wound and called 911 according to the report.

Sheriff’s Deputies were joined in the investigation by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Police.  Preliminary investigation reportedly suggests that Billquist was in the field walking her dogs at the time of the incident. Investigation also reveals that Jadlowski fired the shot after sunset, which is the legal limit to hunt deer.

Billquist reportedly died of her injury at UPMC Hamot. Jadlowski is cooperating with the investigation per the Sheriff’s Office. At this time no charges have been filed against Jadlowski, but the investigation is continuing. The case will be reviewed by the Chautauqua County District Attorney’s Office for a determination on whether Jadlowski may face criminal charges.


  1. Come-on. You’re supposed to be 100 visual of the game. In this case deer, at 200yrds away. There’s NO DAMN way he knew 100% it was a deer. Seen movement in field that time of day. And assuming he knew it was deer. Well it wasn’t. And a good friend of mine. Is now living in hell. Great idea. Hang up all your hunting gear. Because you sure wasn’t hunting. And never pick it up again. You’ve just destroyed a Whole Family.

  2. Tragic, at least he didn’t run away and leave her there. The reason I stay out of the woods during hunting season.

  3. Oh that’s terrible! What was he doing using a pistol after Dark???!!!people just keep getting dumber.

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