Skeletal Remains Consistent With Missing Wayne County Baby

SODUS, N.Y. – Scattered skeletal remains found within a quarter-mile of those of Selena Hidalgo-Calderon are consistent with those of a child the age of Calderon’s missing son, Owen, who was 14 months old..
Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts held a press conference early Tuesday afternoon to discuss the finding, saying “We can all speculate what our thoughts are, but I have to go by the evidence and the facts.”
More than 1,100 searchers combed the Joy Road area in May. Virts said media reports that the investigation was closing down was wrong.
“Everyday since we received the call on May 19, we’ve worked this investigation, every single day,” Virts said.
Police found a shallow grave within a quarter-mile of Selena’s remains. Some of the bones had been scattered by animal activity.
Officials say Selena’s boyfriend, Alberto Reyes, was seen on trail cameras entering and exiting the property and carrying a shovel. Her body was found in a plastic bag, buried in a shallow grave.
Reyes, who is in America illegally, apparently told investigators he had removed Selena Hidalgo-Calderon’s body from their home and buried her, but has not admitted to killing her. He was taken into custody and charged with Tampering with Physical Evidence.
“Time’s on our side now. There’s no urgency, he’s (Reyes) incarcerated again on tampering with evidence charges,” Virts said.
The Sheriff said he hopes the remains are those of Owen so the family can seek closure and the investigation can move to whatever is next.