Snellings: Prendergast Ave. Drug Trafficking Is Focal Point For Police

JAMESTOWN-Prendergast Ave. remains a focal point of the Metro Drug Task Force’s work according to Police Chief Harry Snellings.

Snellings told WNYNewsNow Friday the ongoing issues around the 800 block of Prendergast Ave. warranted an investigation Thursday during a raid at 853 Prendergast Ave.

“We had a lot of complaints from neighbors in the area and with the ongoing issues in the 800 block of Prendergast Ave., we felt it was appropriate to pursue it,” Snellings said.

“We aren’t ignoring other areas, but we’ve dealt with a lot of crimes, including violent ones, in the 800 block of Prendergast Ave.”

Eight people were arrested in total Thursday, three of whom allegedly caused a disturbance after the raid. Obryan Ramos, 28, was shot to death at this location last summer.

Ryan Hedrick contributed to this report.


  1. Awesome work!!! Glad there off the
    Streets. Thank you for the good job
    And thank Ryan for the report.

  2. No we r not out the st ha
    We out we dont sell drugs
    Even the search warrant was for a person that doesn’t live here

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