Social Media Posts Claim Jamestown Police Roughed Up Teen Boys During Raid

JAMESTOWN- Police Chief Harry Snellings reacted to claims Tuesday that his police officers roughed three young boys during a Monday morning raid of 234 Falconer St.

WNYNEWSNOW received multiple messages Monday afternoon following a post to Facebook made by a young girl showing pictures of a teen boy with severe bruising on his forehead.

The girl asserted in her post that police raided her Falconer St. home without a warrant, a claim Snellings denied.

The boys, ages 11-13, were severely injured by the officers who entered the home per the post.

WNYNewsNow confirmed the target of the search was Jordan Thayer, 19, who was wanted on four warrants according to Snellings. Thayer was reportedly taken into custody.

Chief Snellings released the following statement:

“The officers were there to serve warrants on one of the subjects that was taken into custody. He had four outstanding warrants for two violations of probation. The individuals present attempted to prevent officers from taking him into custody. Two subjects were arrested and one was taken to WCA for a mental health evaluation.”

Chief Snellings said he couldn’t discuss specifics to any complaint.



  1. Way to cover ur asses when it comes to beating the hell out of two teen boys. And the one sent to the hospital wasnt for mental health its because ur officers beat him pretty good and now may need surgry cuz they stomped on his knee

  2. The only way them cops were coming in that home was with a search warrant they didnt have one my nephew told them to get one and attemped to close the door thats when the pigs busted threw it and roughed these boys up. Police brutality on minors is what that was. They know their rights and dont have to allow them in with out a warrant it wasnt a raid. People need to know the whole story before posting some bogus shit like this. They never had a search warrant for jordan.

  3. dam cops when they come to the house suppose to have any warrant in hand to show there are warrants or they don’t get in simple as that if they came to my house looking and wanted to search show me your warrant or you don’t get in and if they come in anyway well they will get hurt simple as that

  4. Regardless…If This Young man had a Warrenton or not….The Police had no business man handling these two young boy….They Need To Have Concequences To There Actions….This Is Child Abuse…They Should Not Get Away With This…If A Parent Did This To A Child regardless of who’s Child It Is They Would have Charges And Jail Time…The Same Goes For The Officer’s…Theres No Difference

  5. That boy jordan was on probation and when he sighned those papers he sighned off his rights to adk for a search warrant ever that means where ever he is it says it clearley in the paper work and they make that clear before they release you i know tgis becausei tried pulling that card once and the jugde told me and had a lawyer read the shit out loud

  6. How would you know if the police had a warrant for him or not clearly he violated his probation and were you there at the apartment if not then what it’s a disrespectful little punk and his friends word against grown men doing their jobs sorry I know all the people who were there and they are all out of control little punks who run the streets doing what ever they want when they want with no respect for anyone or any thing

  7. that attitude right there is what would give them reason to ruff some one up you’ll hurt them duh how dumb don’t have nothing to hide and there wouldn’t be a reason not to let them in simple as that

  8. They beat tf outta my friend Vance. I knew it was gunna be about that when I clicked this.

  9. Regardless…They Had No Rite Beating Up 2 Young Boys 11 and 13 Years 9f Age…If You or Any other Adult Beat On Your Child Robert Bottom line is…Your Going to Jail and Have Child Endangerment Charges On You and Have Your Children Taken from You…They Had No Business Doing This To These Young Boys And They Should be Charged Jus Like Everyone else Would…They are No Different

  10. That’s what they want you to think. However they think those badges make them gods. They think they can do whatever they want…. they will find out the hard way….

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