State Parolee Jailed After Domestic Violence Incident

JAMESTOWN-A city man previously convicted four times was arrested Thursday evening after a domestic violence incident on Stowe St. per Jamestown Police.

Shell S. Raymond, 49, allegedly open-handedly smacked a person numerous times, causing bruising and bleeding from their nose and mouth. Raymond reportedly pinned the victim down at knifepoint.

Raymond was charged with 1st degree Unlawful Imprisonment, 3rd degree Assault, 2nd degree Menacing and Criminal Obstruction of Blood Circulation or Breathing.

He was reportedly transported to city jail pending arraignment.

The State Corrections website revealed Raymond was released in January from his latest prison stint for 3rd degree Attempted Robbery. He was also previously convicted for 3rd degree Robbery, 3rd degree Attempted Criminal Possession of a Weapon and 3rd degree Attempted Robbery.