Trio Arrested In Meth Lab Raid

Soderberg, Reichenbach, and Tunison.

JAMESTOWN-Three men were arrested Thursday afternoon after police raided a meth lab at 212 W. 6th St. (Upper apartment) according to the Jamestown Police Department. (Please see Ryan’s Facebook Live video)

Image by Jamestown Police.

Jacob H. Tunison, 27 (currently on probation), Cody E. Reichenbach, 23, and David S. Soderberg, 28, were reportedly manufacturing methamphetamine when the raid occurred. (Please note, the names are listed in reverse of their appearance on the featured image)

All three men were charged with 3rd degree Unlawful Manufacture of Methamphetamine, 2nd degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance (A-2) felony and 7th degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance.

The men are currently in city jail awaiting arraignment.

The house was reportedly condemned for multiple housing violations and extreme health risk due to numerous needles strewn throughout the location.



  1. Throw them in the Clink and discard the key. Let them sit and ROT!!! This is disgusting. They need to get a life. How many more are there, sitting and waiting to EXPLODE??? Makes me sick ………

  2. I do agree with the fact that they shouldnt have been making it. But the fact of how sick these people are is anouther matter. Drug addicts can do bad things yes but most addicts when theyve had a time of sobriety are great people. Dont judge because there addicts, be upset because what they were doing was toxic. Locken them up in prison wont help them punishing an addict only makes the addiction worse an thats not blameing others. Its because the addicts guilt, they self destruct. Because its the obyl way to deal with the selves. It takes alot of time an help an Consiling an groups an medication to help recorrect whats wrong with an addict. These mean didnt do this to hurt people they did it because its the only way they no how to help them selves. yes its wrong but extended rehaib would be better to help that persons life versus throughen them in the slammer

  3. Omg Dave was a good friend mine very very sad he was finally doing better in his life too

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