Two Busts, Two Days, Nets Five

JAMESTOWN-Multiple drug busts by the Jamestown Metro Drug Task force Thursday and Friday resulted in a lot of drugs off the streets.

First, on Thursday at 6 PM officers stopped a vehicle on Myers Ave. for a traffic infraction. Upon investigation, officers discovered that the backseat passenger, Richard L. Riley, 40, possessed several types of illegal narcotics.

Richard L. Riley, Image by JPD.

The Sinclairville man allegedly carried 29 grams of powder cocaine, around 2 grams of heroin, 1 gram of methamphetamine and just over 2 grams of marijuana.

Police said Riley also carried a imitation pistol.

Riley was charged with multiple counts of criminal possession of a control substance and unlawful possession of marijuana. He has since been committed to the Chautauqua County Jail.

On Friday investigators raided 17 Norwood Ave. on the suspicion drugs were sold from the house.

Image by Justin Gould. Shows a JPD SWAT member containing the scene at 17 Norwood Ave. along with a JPD K9 SUV.

Just after 9 AM police busted down the door and located an unidentified quantity of methamphetamine and prescription medications.

Andrew C. Benett is charged with criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, David R. Hare is charged with 5th-degree felony criminal possession of meth, Patricia J. Bargy charged with 5th-degree felony criminal possession of meth and a 7th-degree charge for the pills.

Police also charged Destiny J. Franze-Hare with 4 counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance after she attempted to flee the scene.

A separate search warrant was obtained to search her vehicle where investigators located methamphetamine, pills and LSD.

Pictured left to right: Andrew C. Benett, David R. Hare, Patricia J. Bargy and Destiny J. Franze-Hare. All arrested on Norwood Friday. Mugs by JPD.

The quartet is in city jail awaiting arraignment. Police said more charges might be pending.