Vehicle Strikes Jamestown Building In Pursuit

JAMESTOWN – A vehicle struck the building at 117 South Main St. after a Jamestown man led officers on a high-speed pursuit Saturday evening in the city’s south side, according to the Jamestown Police Department. 
Officers reportedly tried to pull over Christopher L. Thomas, 43, for a traffic violation after he was already stopped earlier in the day. Thomas allegedly fled at a high-rate of speed before jumping out of the moving vehicle at the intersection of South Main Street and Prather Avenue.
The vehicle continued unimpeded before going over a curb and through a lawn before striking the building, which reportedly sustained substantial damage.
Thomas was arrested on Prather Avenue and charged with first-degree reckless endangerment, third-degree unlawful fleeing a police officer, second-degree obstructing governmental administration, fourth-degree criminal mischief, third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, reckless driving, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation and other vehicle and traffic violations.
Thomas is currently in Chautauqua County Jail without bail.

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  1. No where in the recollection of the officer do they say they wittiness Thomas with any objects in his hand or Witnessed him disposing of anything.What the article does not say is that this occurred at 6:15ish and that officers rienhart or Norwood discovered the “controlled Substance” until 9:20ish or that before discovering these alleged drugs that they went to him saying they found empty marijuana bags on the ground near the vehicle or that they phoned down to the jail asking if he had a pistol permit.Mind you there was not a gun involved in this incidend which to me it’s clear as day these officers combed a two block radius and claim after a 21/2 hour search they found some narcotics and are unlawfully accusing and charging this man without LEAGAL RIGHT unless they searched that area prior to this incident and there wasn’t any debris or garbage including narcotics this chharge should have never made it to the light of da.However when you have a police force who bends their own laws to get their conviction (money) you are going to have injustice which generally occurs in small towns where The officers and officials in charge have done it for some many years it goes on as if it normal every day business.Thats what I’m here for to bring their dirty lies and criminal behavior on their own part.If you have to break your own laws to get a conviction you’re no better then the criminals you’re unlawfully charging.

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