VIDEO: Jamestown Police Conducts Simultaneous Raids

JAMESTOWN-City Police conducted simultaneous drug raids at 853 Prendergast Ave. and the Noe Place Redemption Center on the corner of E. 2nd and Windsor Sts.

Jamestown Police Captain Robert Samuelson spoke to Ryan Hedrick at the Prendergast Ave. location.

Reporter Matt Hummel and photographer Allen McElwain contributed to this report. 


  1. I grew up in both of these areas— wayyyyy back in the 60/,early70’s . Sad to see the overall deterioration of my hometown. Its no different from anyplace USA. I still believe in Jamestown despite the issues

  2. I agree ! I grew up in Jamestown then also and I hate to see this – my grandmother would r9ll over in her grave if she knew drugs were right down the street from her home that my grandfather built in the 50s. Sad.I still love Jamestown and proud of my heritage (which is Swedish by the way but I have many Italian friends I few up,with also ).I wish it was the way i5 was but I guess all over is getting like this – just seems such a shame to see it so bad in my and your hometown

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