VIDEO: Recovery Advocate Reacts To Skyrocketing Overdose Death Numbers

JAMESTOWN-The New York State Attorney General’s Office says fatal drug overdoses in Chautauqua County  have increased by 100 percent from 2010.

The numbers, released by Eric Schneiderman’s office Tuesday afternoon, indicated that there were 44 overdose deaths between 2014-2015.

The numbers for 2016 were not included in the report.

State Officials said many states, including New York’s state and local governments, have taken dramatic steps to combat the epidemic. New York State comes to terms with the new reality and the toll.

One of the few treatment options in the City of Jamestown is The Mental Health Association Of Chautauqua County.

Director of New Programs Rick Huber says there’s a lot of wreckage that addicts have to deal with once they decide to get clean.

“What we’re finding behind an awful lot of the addiction to heroin is trauma,” said Huber. ” I bet 80 percent of the people we see here have some form of trauma in their background and they’re using the drugs to mask the emotional pain.”

Huber said he’s seen a lot of despair in the last several years around the city. “I also see the hope, and there’s a lot of hope here.”

If you or somebody you know is in need of help, please call the Mental Health Association at (716) 661-9044.