Woman Allegedly Tries To Dispose Of Meth While Being Booked Into Jail

JAMESTOWN – Police say a traffic stop late Tuesday night in the area of Forest and Prather Avenues led to several charges against a woman. 
Kristen Nelson, 37, Jamestown was reportedly driving a vehicle with a suspended license when she stopped shortly before 10:30.
Officers said a search of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of equipment and packaging materials commonly used in the commission of trafficking drugs.
Nelson was allegedly in possession of methamphetamine, suboxone, and a glass pipe, and reportedly tried to get rid of it as she was being booked into city jail.
Nelson was arraigned on Wednesday and released on bail.
She’s due back in court on Monday at 10:30 am.

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  1. Which is it? Post Journal article says she was destroying her drugs prior to the arrest in her own car and this article says she did it during booking?? So which is true? Sounds more like the cops lied to be able to charge her with additional charges. Somebody is lying, either the Post Journal, this site, or the cops?
    I’m guessing the cops lied. That’s why there is 2 different accounts of the same event.

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