Woman Arrested For Crimes Against Children

STEAMBURG – A Silver Creek woman is numerous charges after state police said she physically abused her one and three-year-old children this week.
New York State Police responded to a location in Steamburg and saw the two children with untreated facial injuries.
Tiffany Rammacher, 22, told troopers that her children had been injured while playing outside a few days earlier.
Investigation revealed,however, that in a rage, Rammacher allegedly threw a gallon-size pot at a one-year-old and a sippy cup at the three-year-old, resulting in facial bruising.
Rammacher faces two counts each of third-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child.
She was arraigned in Cattaraugus County Court on the charges before being released on her own recognizance.
Police say the two children have since been removed from Rammacher.

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  1. You, Tiffany, are a special kind of twisted and sick! How dare a “mother”, if I dare call you one, physically hurt her children..and with blunt instruments at that?! You dont deserve children and i hope they go somewhere with people who will love them and cherish them with all their hearts…because that’s what all children deserve. You however should get all 5he help you can and find God or something because you should never be able to close your eyes without seeing those poor faces looking back at you in horror of what youve done to them. I’m so hurt for them and my heart aches that a parent could harm their own children in any way intentionally. May the courts let justice prevail to highest ability with you.

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