Woman Charged With Drug Possession In CVS Parking; Second Arrest This Week

JAMESTOWN -A woman was arrested in a Brooklyn Square parking lot Wednesday night after police received a call about a person using drugs in a car. 
Shortly after 7:00, police said they were dispatched to the CVS Pharmacy parking lot.
Teale L. DiDomenico, 23, Jamestown, was allegedly in possession of two different kinds of drugs along with a hypodermic needle.
A couple of days ago, DiDomenico was charged in a domestic incident on Falconer Street.
Police said, in that case, they arrived to find DiDomenico fighting with another woman in front of children.
She’s currently awaiting arraignment in Jamestown City Court.

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  1. My God…what is wrong with people?! Get a clue Jamestown…its time to better this town amd the people in it…stop waating your precious lives on things that ruin you inside and out!! Ask for help and do your thing..You’re all worth it!

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