Political Leader Claims Great Things Ahead For Local Economy

JAMESTOWN – Assemblyman Andy Goodell (R) believes we are seeing a rebirth of the Chautauqua County economy. 
“In the southend you have Cummins, which has made a multi-million dollar investment,” said Goodell. “We also see Bush Industries making a resurgence.”
Goodell’s comments come as one of the area’s largest employers, The Connection, agreed to stay in the city and relocate its operation to the Lynn Building on the corner of 3rd St and Prendergast Ave.
Goodell called The Connection’s decision “very good news” and thanked those involved with the facilitating the long-term deal.
“I think the Comedy Center, which is scheduled to open this summer, will bring about one-hundred thousand new visitors to the Jamestown area, which will be good news for local retail shops and restaurants,” said Goodell.
The Assemblyman also noted that there are multiple hotels going up, including a thirty-million project in Celoron that has the potential to grow bigger, in time.
“People that make those kind of investments believe that this area is on the rebound,” said Goodell.
“I think they are right, we should have a great sense of optimism,” he added.