Repair And Sales Shop Reacts To Winter’s Toll, Impact Of Vehicle Sales

JAMESTOWN –  A mechanic has strong suggestions for his customers and other motorists when it comes to keeping up the regular maintenance on your vehicle. 
Adam Cassell,  Express Bike and Auto, said most of the long-term damage that occurs to your vehicle starts with neglecting to care for your tires.
“You wear your tires down so they’re not lasting, (and) then it gets into the ball joints, tie rods, wheel barrings and things like that,” said Cassell. “All of your steering components and then it causes big problems and lots of money to fix.”
Express Bike and Auto tells WNYNewsNow that a large majority of their customers complained about the pothole problem that plagues all city and county roads in Western New York.
Cassell said his crew has been extremely busy recently with the multitude of skills and knowledge they possess.
“We offer tires, oil changes, inspections, whatever you need done,” said Cassell.
Express Bike and Auto repairs motorcycles and ATV’s, as well. A service that’s been very successful for them is vehicle sales, said Cassell.
“We have a list of cars out there right now,” Cassell said. “We try to keep six or seven on the lot at all times, and we’re just trying to work out some good deals.”
Express Bike and Auto is located at 1761 Foote Ave, next to the Kwik Fill.
For more information on their services. please visit their Facebook page.