Digitell, Inc. President Speaks With JHS Students

JAMESTOWN – Digitell, Inc. President Jim Parker spoke to JHS Videography students as part of a recent field trip to Digitell, Inc. in downtown Jamestown.
“We have LED backlights and green screens, I’m sure these are all things you are doing in your class,” said Digitell, Inc. President Jim Parker. “What you are learning now could be some of the most valuable information that you are learning because the world is speaking video. That’s just how we do things today and this is just live video, which is even more exciting.”
English Language Arts teacher Chris Tehan, Technology teacher Sam Qadri and Media Educator/Consultant Ed Tomassini took students to Digitell, Inc. so they could witness, and appreciate, the real-world application of the skills they are obtaining in Videography.
Videography, an English language arts class for ninth and 10th graders, also provides the practical application of English Language Arts through digital media technologies. Additionally, it provides a learning environment where social interaction (teamwork, consensus building, peer support) is required to complete the projects that are facilitated in Videography.
The means through which Digitell, Inc., as a commercial business, captures and edits final video production for a global customer base is a direct application to what is taught in Videography. Media literacy terms and videography language like: low camera angles, a medium camera shot, green screen edits, recording a voice-over narration, studio lighting set-up and techniques, storytelling, focal point, as well as microphone types and techniques are all part of units usually covered during class.
Digitell, Inc.’s live streaming headquarters in Jamestown employs 50+ staff members in areas of programming, virtual event technology, web design, graphic artists, marketing, audio/video technicians, tech support, administration and management. They also have offices located in Boston, MA, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, NV, Orlando, FL, and San Diego, CA. The teachers thought a field trip to Digitell, Inc. would be beneficial to the students as they could see state-of-the-art facilities and learn more about job opportunities available right here in Jamestown. As an added bonus, six JHS alumni currently work at Digitell, Inc.
“I graduated JHS in 2011 and I was very big in the drama and media program. Mr. Tehan and Mr. Tomassini were two of my biggest mentors growing up,” said Cody DeLong, Digitell, Inc. Lead Video Producer. “I went to JCC and then to Savannah College of Art and Design. When I graduated I came back to Jamestown because this is my home. I got in touch with Mr. Tomassini who connected me with Mr. Parker and I’ve been here for two years. I produce all the videos that are on social media and I am the director of our monthly webcast series. I think it’s great that the high school kids can come here and see the opportunities right here in Jamestown in media or film. Digitell, Inc. is a great place.”
The visit to Digitell, Inc. instilled in students the essential need for creativity, teamwork and customer support (teamwork/social interaction), similar technology and social interaction to what is being practiced in Videography.
“We also see a great potential for future internship opportunities for our students, even for myself, as an instructor, for professional development and growth,” said Qadri. “It is also part of a continuum of JHS’s philosophy and initiative of Academies where we bring the classroom into our business community to maximize students learning experience. We hope to continue building this positive business relationship between Digitell and the JHS Videography program.”