Local Entertainer Shares Story Of How He Turned Passion Into A Career

JAMESTOWN – A local DJ, who continues to establish himself as a credible and talented entertainer outside of New York, said he’s grateful that he found a way to brand his passion. 
Keith Barmore, otherwise known as DJ Felony, said as a young man he maintained a regular job in addition to nightly gigs he would pick up at local bars and restaurants.
Barmore said the opportunity to earn a full-time living as an entertainer came after a situation that most people would consider a setback.
“The best thing that ever happened to me was losing my job,” said Barmore. “15 years ago, this place I was working for went out of business.”
Two months after losing his  job, he decided to re-direct his attention and focus.
“I decided that I was a DJ,” said Barmore. “I made a decision that I was going to work on finding a way to pay my bills doing  what I loved to do instead of working to fund being a DJ.”
Barmore now travels frequently for appearances at random venues from Buffalo to Indiana.
“Most of these traveling opportunities I’ve earned came through networking with my friends who are in the music industry,” Barmore said.
For booking info or to learn more about Barmore’s services head to his website.