Jamestown Man Admits To Killing Pit Bull; Regrets Not Giving It A Proper Burial

JAMESTOWN – A man, who will be charged with hanging a pit bull, said that he did it because the dog became aggressive and he had to to protect his children. 
“The dog made a couple of attempts to be aggressive,” said Robert Overton. “The first time he bite me, which is fine because dogs do that, the second time he went after my daughter and he bite her on the butt, but never broke the skin.”
Overton said he hanged the dog (named Champagne) in the beginning of the winter after a third incident.
“The third time it happened, he got aggressive with me about 2-2:30 in the morning, and when you’re dealing with spur of the moment things, you’re dealing with life or death,” Overton said. “It’s about me and my kids and that dog, and I chose my kids.”
He admitted that the dog deserved a proper burial.
“In the heat of the moment, I did what I had to do as a parent,” Overton said.
Overton refuted that he has a history of violence against animals, saying only that he has cared for many pit bulls during his lifetime. He added that during a recent stint on parole, dogs were therapeutic in him not violating the terms of his release.
Overton admitted to us that he didn’t think about calling the humane society when the dog allegedly attacked him for the third time.
“When the dog got aggressive, it was me against the animal,” he said. “It wasn’t me against the family dog anymore; it was me against the animal and protecting my family.”
Jamestown Police have said they will release more details on Thursday afternoon.
We will continue to provide as much information as we can regarding this particular case.
Reporters Justin Gould and Matt Hummel contributed to this report. 


  1. He is a convicted felon. Take his guns his facebook photos are showing off.

  2. No excuse for he did to this Dog.
    He could of called animal control,the SPCA or any rescue for help. If the dog was becoming aggressive, it could of been humanly EUTHANIZED.Not TERRIFIED as it was hung to death. This man should go to jail. Not just a slap on the wrist. People need to learn that violence against animals will not be tolerated.
    This is a CRIME.


  4. Bull!, you take the dog to the vet and have him put to sleep or you call AC and have them come and put the animal down. Hanging is a slow cruel and inhumane death.

  5. Just seen video hell no that dog was protect ing his girlfriend when he was beating the crap out of her
    He is s mean person hang and beat the fog then brag aboit it is yhis someone who loves dogs thinl not

  6. This guy has the makings of a serial killer. He is insane. Animals and kids are not safe with him. Do something about him. He has no remorse and he’s probably done this before. He is not a human being. I don’t know what he is, but he deserves nothing.

  7. Evil scum. I don’t believe for a second that the dog provoked this. More like this asshole came home at 2am drunk and mean. He has quite the criminal history-,guns, domestic violence leading to arson and burglary charges.

  8. Useless POS. The only “animal” that should have been put down is the one being interviewed. He “loved” animals enough to hang the dog and let it slowly suffocate to death. Could have easily tied it up in a safe location until morning or any one of a thousand different humane options. Strange how it was so “aggressive” it didn’t leave any marks on anyone including a baby that didn’t even break the skin. Put him back in a cage where he belongs with the rest of the felons.

  9. no excuse for what this man did. a real animal lover takes their dog to a vet and they have all their shots, especially pit bulls who r aggressive anyways. if you love them you will take care of them just like your kids, if you cant afford to do this then don’t have them. your love for animals is a lie and you should face concequemces. if you think theres something wrong with your kid you take them to the doctor right THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE

  10. Is this guy trying to do damage control? Lol. He must think he’s smarter than everyone else. You did the crime, now pay the penalty.

  11. Some people have a strange definition of “love”. What mercy did he show? I’m not buying his story. He was aware – and admits – the dog was sick. Did he take it to a vet? There ARE humane options but apparently only a fit of rage would compel someone to take their dog out and hang it from a tree.

  12. The Dog doesn’t need to be put down. The humane society would do that anyways. They Kill Any Animal without trying for the Animal.
    Throw this idiot in Jail.
    Rip Sweet One…..Sorry

  13. He may have just been posturing to get a job with Animal Control. They need some folks that know how to deal with this pit bull menace. It’s pretty obvious the rest of you commenters are just racists.

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