Jamestown Landlord Deals With Copper Wire Theft

JAMESTOWN – A Jamestown landlord may be dishing out big bucks after he says his previous tenant stole cooper wiring from one of his apartment buildings. 
Building supervisor Wayne Canada said the remodel is going to cost the building owner nearly $20,000.
“To fix this, we are going to have to gut the whole building and rewire it,” Canada said. “This is commonplace in the City of Jamestown.”
Canada said he suspects the thieves made off with less than $200 in wiring.
There is no word if the tenants will be prosecuted.
Canada said that the trash outside the building cements the fact that the tenants didn’t care.


  1. Wow gotta gut it to rewire it huh? Can’t just fish the wire in like they fished it out? Anyone with half a brain knows this guy should stick to mopping floors and changing light bulbs. Hope he’s not the one doing it

  2. Just for the record his estimate is for all three of the units that were hit …and not only was the wire taken but all the the copper plumbing in them as well …not to mention the money we will lose due to the units not being rented …
    So while your sitting there at home with your EBT card and natty daddies talking shit about something you don’t know about I’ll be replacing all of the plumbing and wires along with the doors that were broken and the sheet rock in five apartments here in town ..

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