Local Cat’s Golf Game Trending On Social Media

BEMUS POINT – A local tabby cat is trending on social media after he helped out golfers at the Bemus Point Golf Club.
Charlie’s owner Delaine posted on Facebook videos of her feline tapping balls into the hole causing quite a commotion.
“I found out what Charlie has been doing all summer,” posted Delaine Shields. “Some people were golfing the other day and when they got to the eighth hole, which is close to our house, a large orange cat came over to the green and plopped right down by the cup.”
Delaine said the group decided to golf with the hopes Charline would move. Instead, the feline joined in on the game.
“Charlie reached out and put the ball into the cup,” said Delaine. “Fortunately they thought it was cute.”
The group then filmed the spectacle and later shared with videos with Delaine.

As of Monday, the videos were shared 1.6 thousand times with nearly 200 reactions and 481 comments.