Bill To Stop USDA From Euthanizing Kittens Introduced

WASHINGTON – A Democratic Senator and a Republican Congressman are teaming up to stop the U.S. Department Of Agriculture from euthanizing kittens.

Senator Jeff Merkley on Wednesday introduced a Senate version of the “KITTEN” Act of 2018.

“KITTEN” stands for “Kittens In Traumatic Testing Ends Now.”

Merkley says the USDA breeds up to 100 kittens a year, then feeds them parasite-infected meat in to have the parasite’s eggs harvested for experiments.

He says the kittens are then euthanized.

USDA’s Agricultural Research Service did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the legislation Wednesday.

In May a spokesman told reporters the use of cats is “essential” to research to combat a widespread parasite.

The spokesman said the figure of 100 cats euthanized a quote “serious over-estimation.”

Outgoing Republican Congressman Mike Bishop introduced the house version of Merkley’s Bill.