Congress Passes $867 Billion Farm Bill

WASHINGTON – Congress recently passed a $867 billion farm bill which will legalize the production of hemp.

The bill will also overhaul the current dairy farmer protection program to ensure small dairy producers are prioritized. In addition, $350 million in funding will be allocated towards rural broadband access and the increase of internet speed standards.

Funding for organic farmers and specialty crop research will also be included in the bill. The bill will also improve crop insurance programs.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted 386-47 in favor of the bill. The Senate passed the bill Tuesday, 87-13.

Congressman Tom Reed (NY-23) said during a conference call with reporters Wednesday that he would be voting for the bill.

“This farm bill not only supports our hardworking farmers we care about, but also ensures our families are given a fair hand up when they fall upon hard times,” Reed said. “And as always, we are proud to continue our efforts to ensure increased funding and standards for rural broadband access.”