Cuomo Calls For Study Of Recreational Marijuana

ALBANY – New York State will study whether it’s plausible to legalize Marijuana for recreational use as neighboring states move ahead with it, Governor Cuomo made the announcement Tuesday.
The governor called on lawmakers to approve funding for a feasibility study as part of his annual state budget address, where he laid out his spending proposal for the coming year.
“Look at the health impact, the economic impact, the state of the law,” said Gov. Cuomo.
Cuomo’s announcement comes after at least nine states and Washington DC have legalized small amounts of Marijuana for recreational use.

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  1. I’ve used it for years to control Epileptic seizures. My Neurologist tells me to keep doing what I am doing,(knowing I smoke pot) but my other doctors won’t help me because I smoke. The pharmaceutical companies and the doctors created this mess now we have to pay for it.

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