Liuzzo Stresses Importance Of Attending City Council Work Sessions

JAMESTOWN – City Council At-Large Andrew Liuzzo (R), a political newcomer, said it is very important to attend the Council’s Work Session meetings.
Liuzzo said most of the Council’s work occurs in those meetings, which he said the city isn’t making clear.
“The Work Session is open to the public, (and) that’s where the public needs to attend,” Liuzzo said. “I don’t think we’re (City of Jamestown) making that clear.”
“It’s posted on the (City’s) website, but not everybody knows how to get to the website, ” Liuzzo added. “They need to depend on the Post-Journal, WJTN, your outlet (WNYNewsNow) to be informed that they’re welcome to come and express their opinions at the Work Session.”
Liuzzo said decisions are already made by the time the regular City Council meeting takes place.
“After the work sessions, the council meets, and it’s usually closed, ” Liuzzo said. “And, then, they hear everything that the department head brought before them, and they vote on whatever they’re voting on.”
“Once you go into the theater, those decisions have already been made,” he added. “What the public needs to understand is, come in, crowd the room, and voice your opinions at the Work Session. That’s where it takes place.”
City Council will meet tonight at 7:30 PM to vote on who will be its next president.