Marijuana Now Legal In Canada

Canada became the largest country with a legal national marijuana marketplace as sales began early Wednesday in Newfoundland.
The northern nation will also pardon all those with convictions for possessing up to 30 grams of marijuana. People will have to apply for the pardons, but will no longer have to wait five years after a conviction.
“This is going to make a real difference for people who have been unfairly impacted by the previous regime,” said Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau; who said he has no plans to use marijuana himself.

Image by Pixabay.

Hundreds of legal pot shops are expected to open across the nation on Wednesday, with many more to come, according to an Associated Press survey of the provinces.
Alberta and Quebec have set the minimum age for purchase at 18, while others have made it 19.
No stores will open in Ontario, which includes Toronto. The most populous province is working on its regulations and doesn’t expect stores until next spring.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection held a conference call on Tuesday so officials could state that marijuana remains illegal under U.S. federal law and that those who are caught at the border with pot are subject to arrest and prosecution.
Nine U.S. states have legalized recreational use of pot, and more than 30 have approved medical marijuana.
Uruguay was first was the first country to legalize marijuana.