Reed Confident “Reasonable” Border Security Package Will Prevent Partial Government Shutdown

WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed said he’s very confident that Congress will introduce a “reasonable” package  on border security as part of a bill that would prevent a partial government shutdown on Friday.

During a phone conference with reporters Wednesday morning, WNYNewsNow asked Reed what that package would include. Reed said that the package would involve the increase in border security.

“What I see happening now is, you’re going to see a reasonable package be put forward within the next 24-48 hours that will make an investment in border security, which will include resources that go to structures, whether it’d be a wall made of steel or concrete,” Reed said. “On top of that, you’ll see additional investments in the border that will lead to better border security, like technology, resources, actual people at the border to secure the border.

“We will get through this. It probably won’t be a long-term bill through the end of September. What I see happening is it’ll be somehow pushed into maybe January, a short-term type of thing.”

Reed believes a short-term resolution isn’t the best option, and he vowed to push for full funding through September.

“This is not the best outcome,” Reed said. “I would still continue to advocate, as we get to the finish line here, to fully fund the government through September.”

“The reality of the day that I see growing each and every hour is that we will get something through the holidays and into mid-to-late January.”

Reed explained that 75 percent of the Federal Government has already received the green light for funding through September. The Congressman added that departments, like the VA, TSA, and Social Security will remain functioning. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R)  introduced a bill Wednesday that would fund the government through Feb. 8, 2019.

McConnell said that the measure, known as a continuing resolution, would “ensure continuous funding for the federal government,” and would “provide the resources necessary to continue normal operations through February the 8th.”

If both the House and Senate pass the bill, it would head to President Trump’s desk to avoid a shutdown.