Reed, Problem Solvers Caucus Set Goals For 2019

WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed and the Problem Solvers Caucus have already started discussing the goals that they want to achieve in 2019.

During a teleconference with reporters Wednesday morning, Reed said there are three major areas in which they’d like to see reform in as the Caucus continues to reorganize for 2019.

“We see a great opportunity to take on the issue of health care cost, particularly with drug pricing,” Reed said. “I also see an opportunity on infrastructure going into 2019 as a package that we could potentially deal with.”

“I also believe there will be an opportunity to address, not all of immigration, but to get, especially the worker provision, and things that will help our farmers and other high-skilled workers across the district and country that we are in need of.”

Reed believes those three areas can improve drastically, especially after a successful bipartisan vote by the U.S Senate Tuesday to approve a bill called the Formerly Incarcerated Reenter Society Transformed, Safely Transitioning Every Person Act (FIRST STEP).

“I think there’s an opportunity on those three fronts that could really ripen,” Reed said. “Given the success we potentially have this week with the prison reform bill, maybe that’s a harbinger of good things to come in 2019 where we can see some true cooperation.”

“Now that we have our rule-reform package from “Break the Gridlock” promised to be implemented in the House rules, maybe we can run some of these efforts on these issues through those new rule lanes that have been opened up to allow bipartisan and consensus-driven governing to occur.”