Senator Young Announces Grant For Sherman’s Stanley Hose Company

SHERMAN – Senator Cathy Young announced Friday that she helped secure a $50,000 grant to help the Stanley Hose Company in Sherman repair and renovate their fire hall and community building.
The company will receive the new grant, made available through the State & Municipal Facilities Capital Program (SAM), to repair structural damage caused by Western New York’s harsh winters, and to complete renovations to the roof and exterior that will prevent future damage.
The cost of renovations will total $130,000. The fire station was built in 1968 and the community center was added in 1989.
“Preventing further damage to the fire hall is critical to the community,” Senator Young said. “This building is not just the home to the Stanley Hose Company and its fire engines and equipment. The fire hall is the heart of the greater Sherman community. It is where people gather for weddings and special events which is why it is so important to save it.”
Joel Fisher, a member of the Stanley Hose Company Board of Directors, said the grant funding will enable the department to complete the repairs without having to drain the department’s budget.
“We can’t thank Senator Young enough for her support. In my opinion, she is a treasure,” he said. “For us to be able to get this $50,000 grant, it really eases the burden on us. The repairs would have to be completed anyway. Doing it without this grant would have drained money away from our primary mission which is protecting the community.”
Fisher said the Stanley Hose Company has become the home to most local events.
“You name it, it is held here,” Fischer said. “This building is very important to the community.”
Senator Young said because their services are vital, supporting volunteer firefighters and first responders is always a priority.
“The men and women who volunteer as firefighters and first responders are true heroes,” Young said. “They love their communities so much, they sacrifice time away from family and friends and risk their own health and safety to protect others. They deserve our thanks and all the support we can give them.”