Senator Young Outlines Importance Of Exercising Voting Rights

JAMESTOWN – The “Ask Us” event Tuesday was more than just a meeting for those with concerns. People were given the chance to register to vote, an action that State Senator Cathy Young says will make a difference. 
“I would encourage them to vote, because oftentimes, people think that their vote doesn’t make a difference, it absolutely does,” Young said. “I can’t tell you, throughout history, how many elections were decided by just one vote.”
“But if you don’t get activated, you won’t be able to make a difference.”
Young advised people to start voting and exercising their constitutional rights, particularly when it comes to electing government leaders.
“I would say to people, always go out and exercise your constitutional right. That’s one of the most sacred things that we have, as Americans, is to choose our own leaders.”
Young discussed her travels to other countries, detailing how they’re filled with poverty, dictatorships and oppressive regimes.
“I have traveled to other countries, places like Central America, that are dealing with grinding poverty. They’ve dealt with dictators, and they’ve dealt with situations where they weren’t able to choose their own leaders and they’ve lived under very oppressive governments.”
“We need to make sure we’re exercising our rights, because that’s what makes us free.”
City Councilman At-Large Andrew R. Liuzzo, who organized the “Ask Us” session, said that multiple people registered to vote during the event.
WNYNewsNow’s Justin Gould contributed to this report.