Farmer’s Market Begins Task Of Promoting Wellness To Unhealthy Population

JAMESTOWN – The head of the local farmer’s market said a federal grant designated for this summer’s effort allows for more promotion, education, and services. 
“In October, we received the Farmer’s Markets Promotion Program grant funding,” said Market Manager, Linnea Carlson.
“It’s a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture awarded to communities that find unique and creative ways to provide local residents  access to fresh fruits and vegetables,” Carlson added. “There are other markets in New York, that’s no secret. What makes the Jamestown Market unique is we are such a tight knit community, but we have a big city feel.”
Carlson said the nearly $180,000 grant  allows the market to “provide opportunities that people won’t find anywhere else.”
“Not only are we going to be presenting opportunities for you to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables while you’re here, but we are going to be presenting opportunities for you to meet your neighbors, to meet local business owners and connect with them in fun and engaging ways,” Carlson said.
The Jamestown Renaissance Corporation (JRC), which hosts the annual four-month event, is one of only 52 entities nationwide that was awarded federal funding for this year’s market, which begins on June 9th.
“We are very excited about this year’s market,” said Carlson.
She said the JRC is partnering with Jamestown Pediatrics Association to help children develop healthy eating habits.
“This year, kids will have a chance to earn a two dollar voucher that they can use to purchase fruits and vegetables at the matket,” said Carlson.

For more information about the upcoming Jamestown Farmer’s Market, head to its official Facebook page.