Fitness Bunker Battles Mainstream Clubs Using Technology To Personalize Guest Experience

LAKEWOOD – A local health club is offering something that no gym in Chautauqua County can boast of; a performance-enhancing and potentially life-saving technology that uses the client’s body weight, age, and maximum heart rate to achieve maximum performance. 
The Fitness Bunker, locally owned and operated under the leadership of Co-Owners Laurie Shults and Cross-Fit Certified Trainer Salvatore Rachuna, utilizes MIO Bands to capture individual data which is shared with the clients via email.
“When they (member) come in, we program the band to them,” said  Rachuna. “It reads right up to the monitors and it will find your maximum heart rate.”
The readings are displayed on a flat screen in real-time; the screen is mounted on a wall high above the workout floor.
On Friday, Rachuna allowed WNYNewsNow to drop-in on an early morning class. Check out the broadcast right here! 
“Our class is called the Green Zone,” said Rachuna. “As the class goes on, we try to get you into the eighty percent of the max which will be the color green.”

Credit: Justin Gould/wnynewsnow

The Green Zone class, and the subsequent  technology used for it, enables the club to further customize the guest experience by providing them a breakdown of how long they were in each stage of their workout for.
“At the end of the class, you’ll get a chance to see how long you were at fifty percent of your max, sixty (percent), seventy (percent), eighty (percent), or ninety and above,”said Rachuna.
The clients receive an email at the end of every class and one at the end of every month. The one at the end of the month is a summary that makes it easier to track personal progress.
Members we spoke to said that they love the fact the club cares for their health and wellness the way they do and encouraged others to check it out for themselves.
Rachuna said health clubs in Erie and Buffalo are using MIO Bands. He said in one case recently, the MIO Band may have prevented a big problem for a woman whose heart rate kept spiking at a class in Erie.
“They told here that her heart rate was spiking and that she needed to go to the doctor,” said Rachuna. “As it turns out, she had a heart problem.”
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