Study: Night Owls Have Increased Risk Of Heart Disease

(CNN) – The early bird gets the worm, and the night owl gets a heart attack.
At least, that’s one possible implication of a new study out on people who keep late hours
The study, published Thursday in the Journal ‘Chronobiology International’, actually address all sorts of health concerns associated with sleep schedule.
The main goal was to see if “evening types” had a higher mortality risk than “morning types.”
The study analyzed data from the U.K. Biobank on more than 400,000 participants.
It found that compared to “morning people”, night owls have a ten percent increased risk of all-cause mortality.
Evening types were also found to be at greater risk for other health concerns including diabetes, psychological problems, and certain types of cancer.
One theory is staying up late conflicts with the working hours of the world, thus leading to a lack or sleep or irregular schedule.