Jamestown Toddler Rushed To Hospital After Falling Out Of Window

JAMESTOWN – A three-year-old toddler fell out of a second story window on Monday afternoon, according to Chautauqua County Dispatch. 
The incident occurred at 214 W. 8th St. shortly after 12:30 p.m.
Audio obtained by WNYNewsNow from Broadcastify indicates that police arrived before paramedics did, and found the child “conscious and alert.”
The toddler was transported to UPMC Chautauqua WCA Hospital where its condition is unknown at this time.
We attempted to contact the Jamestown Police Department but were told that they were busy on another call.
We will continue to keep you updated on this story as details become available.
WNYNewsNow’s Ryan Hedrick and Justin Gould contributed to this report.


  1. Janet is a liar I don’t do drugs cops haveare not always here please remove this Video

  2. It is difficult to understand why this woman’s comments were even put into this news report. Her remarks were very cruel and slanderous with nothing to support them. Trashing someone else, while being interviewed on the street, should not be considered good news reporting. NEWS NOW, give me some facts please, if you don’t have enough then don’t have someone on the street give you trashy gossip material to fill in the space.

  3. I am this mother’s aunt and she is a faithful church attender. Her children are active in her community of faith. She and her husband are supported by their own efforts. I would gladly serve as a character witness for her and her husband. They are like all of us— doing their best. Who among us hasn’t been surprised by the behavior of their child? The locks on the window failed because he learned how to undo them! (New keyed locks were ordered today).She has a small direct sales business run from her home to allow her to care for her children including this BOY (not a “llittle girl”) as you so called wiitness said. This women Janet does not lnow or is known to the family.
    In all seriousness why was she even interviewed when the mother was there? Slow news day? Slandering is actionable. As an educator, I am appalled at the ethics of this type of reporting. Check your facts. Jennifer has never used drugs, does not drink and is a good mom. Move on people.

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