Allen Park Pool Not Making A Comeback

JAMESTOWN – Some WNYNews Now readers and viewers have been asking if the Allen Park swimming pool, which closed in the 1970s, is making a comeback because of its cleaner appearance.
The answer is no.

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

According to Jamestown Director of Public Works Jeff Lehman, the pool is just part of some basic repairs to walls in the park.
“DPW crews have been repairing stacked stone walls  and foot bridges around the creek that runs through the park, over the past couple of months.  As part of the project we cleaned out the old stone pool that was closed for use in the 70’s,” Lehman told WNYNews Now.
Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

“The pool, which used to fill up with storm water, had been filling in with leaves, branches, stones and debris.  The thought was merely to clean up the pool to make it more aesthetically appealing for the hikers that walk through out the park.  We have no plans to reopen the pool,” he said.


  1. Most cities have a public pool, it would be nice if you thought about the kids in this city just once. The comedy center is for adults other than the boys and girls club which is an inside pool there is no place for kids to go swimming or wading. Even a cooling pad would be great.

  2. I think they should put in a splash pad for the little ones. We need more kid friendly things around here for kids.

  3. The problem will be with how kids act these days. You just can’t trust that situation. Plus there is this huge long river that runs all over the city that’s perfect for kids like falconer park or the pond on 100 acre lot. So why cry for somthing we already have and let’s just skip the law suit pond

  4. The legal liability of public pools is what keeps them from being publically built & operated. Far too expensive. Go to Walmart and buy a small pool.

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