Almost 3,000 Signatures Seek Buffalo Diocese Bishop Malone To Resign

BUFFALO – Close to 3,000 people have signed a petition demanding the resignation of Buffalo Catholic Diocese Bishop Richard Malone, who has insisted he will not resign.
As of late Thursday morning, the petition has been signed by 2,982 people. The petition demands that Malone resign on the heels of his actions to apparently cover up several cases of sexual abuse and misconduct by his priests.
“We request the immediate resignation of Bishop Richard J. Malone as Bishop of the Diocese of Buffalo, NY. Just as clergy must resign when found guilty of sexual crimes and sins perpetrated under the guise of holiness and authority so must this Bishop resign for being a silent accomplice in these crimes and sins committed by clergy in the Diocese of Buffalo,” the petition says.
It goes on to say “By this Bishop’s inaction, deceit, and indifference he has placed the youth – the very future of the Diocese of Buffalo – in grave danger of becoming the next dehumanizing statistic in the Church’s sexual abuse and misconduct crisis. Though local politicians and business leaders have called for his resignation, this Bishop remains stubbornly indignant and seemingly unaware of his complete loss of credibility among the Catholics in the Diocese of Buffalo. His reputation has become irreparably tainted by his self-admitted involvement in aiding and abetting sexual predators.”
The New York Attorney General is currently investigating the actions of all New York Catholic Diocese in light of the recent findings by a Pennsylvania Grand Jury.
Malone previously stated he will not leave his position until his retirement in 2021.