Average Gas Price In New York Rises Over A Penny Per Gallon

The average retail gas price in New York State rose more than a penny last week to $2.76 per gallon according to AAA. 
Triple-A Spokesman Jim Garrity said our area doesn’t see much fluctuation.  
“The entire state doesn’t see major fluctuations week by week,” Garrity said.
The spokesman said Jamestown, in particular, often has its gas prices remain the same for longer stretches of time.
“Jamestown, often times, holds the same gas prices,” Garrity said. “It’s not like Jamestown to see major decreases or increases.”
“In terms of whether or not it’s going to steadily go up, or steadily go down, that remains to be seen.”
The state’s average gas price, as of Sunday, was almost 10 cents higher than a month earlier, and almost 30 cents higher than one year ago. Over the past five years, New York State’s gas prices have ranged from about two dollars a gallon in 2016 to almost four dollars a gallon in 2014.