Bicyclist To Be Airlifted After Crash

JAMESTOWN – A teenage girl bicyclist sustained serious injuries following a crash near the corner of Winsor and Chandler Streets Thursday afternoon.
The girl was taken to UMPC Chautauqua WCA Hospital where she is expect to be Starflighted to a regional medical center.
WNYNewsNow’s Rory Pollaro reports police at the scene talking with both bystanders and the driver the pickup truck that allegedly struck the bike.

We will bring updates to this story when they become available.


  1. God bless u briana love u in our prayers🙏 love u 💝 is a shame there is no cross line tru all tha busy intersection and people speed all tru it with no caution😥

  2. She never stopped once. She came flying down Chandler so fast. Right out into traffic like it was a suicide mission.

  3. That is what you get when moron drivers don’t watch. Either to busy looking at a phone or too stupid to be behind a wheel. I hope this girl makes a full recovery and the driver sued, put in jail, and license revoked indefinitely.

  4. That is what happens when you have idiots behind the wheel. Too busy speeding and looking at their phone. Hope the girl fully recovers. The parents need to get an attorney and sue this person. They should also lose their license indefinitely and possibly jail time.

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