BREAKING: Town of Ellicott Cuts Investigator From Metro Drug Task Force

ELLICOTT-WNYNewsNow learned exclusively Friday night plans for the Town of Ellicott to sever ties with the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force. 

Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings confirmed the tip through multiple evening conversations with reporter Ryan Hedrick.

“I was advised by (Ellicott Police Department) Chief (William) Ohnmeiss that his drug investigator has been cut from his budget and that we (Task Force) will be losing that position soon,” Snellings said. “I assured Chief Ohnmeiss that we will continue to assist their agency as much as we can.”

The drug investigator, a full-time patrol officer with EPD, became a full-time member of the Task Force last July.

WNYNewsNow will have complete coverage Monday.




  1. What the hells a matter with you people have you lost your mind with all the meth labs an crack an smack wow what are you thinkin

  2. we need all the help we can to stop all these meth labs we are losing our children an our town cause of these meth labs so pleace keep the help our childres matters

  3. This news angers me greatly. How is the war against illegal drug sales & use going to be won by eliminating the investigative position? Perhaps making a different budget cut or applying for a grant seems a better solution to this!

  4. Less focus on non-violent offenders, more on the people shooting up everything. just last night I heard a fully-automatic machine gun fire about 25-30 rounds in a matter of 5 seconds. It’s a war zone out here in Jamestown, and it’s all because of informants that the metro drug task force employs.

  5. Why? There has to be other options. Drugs are destroying the future of every community. Look at other not so vital services to cut.

  6. Well pretty soon private citizens will take matters into there own hands and deal with..then what the “board” going to handle that one??just from personal issues I’d be the first citizen to start cleaning up garbage in a efficient way for everyone.

  7. I don’t understand why they would cut something like that with the increasing number of drug issues are chautauqua country..I think that is one of the worst budget cuts ever

  8. Elliott needs to merge with Jamestown. Can’t fight the war on drugs with separate forces!

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