Young Sentenced To 15-30 Months In Butler County Case

BUTLER (Pa.) – Jonathan H. Young, the 20-year-old accused of setting numerous fires in the Jamestown/Falconer area, was sentenced Thursday morning to 15-30 months in connection with a Slippery Rock arson. 
Young pleaded guilty to first-degree felony 1 Arson (Inhabited Building or Structure) earlier this month in connection with a March 2017 arson on Route 8 in Slippery Rock Township , as first reported by WNYNewsNow.
The following nine charges were dismissed as part of a plea deal:
Felony 1 Arson (Danger of Death or Bodily Injury), Felony 1 Burglary (Overnight Accommodations, Person Present), Felony 1 Criminal Attempted Burglary (Overnight Accommodations, Person Present), Felony 2 Arson (Intent to Destroy Unoccupied Building), Felony 3 Criminal Mischief (Damaging Property With Intent, Recklessness or Negligence), Felony 3 Criminal Trespassing, Misdemeanor 1 Possession of Instrument of Crime, Dangerous Burning and Misdemeanor 3 Theft by Unlawfully Taking a moving prop.
Young had a potential trial delayed three times before a plea deal was made. Young’s lawyer, Joseph A. Smith, told WNYNewsNow last year that Young was undergoing a series of mental health evaluations. Court records also showed that notices were filed.
WNYNewsNow is attempting to learn if Young is heading to Warren County first to answer additional charges he faces there before arriving back in Chautauqua County. A court clerk in Mayville told us that a court date hasn’t been scheduled for Young yet.
The clerk did, however, tell WNYNewsNow that an active detainer warrant is out against Young.  The warrant prevents him from being released from Butler County Prison, where he’s currently being held, without Chautauqua County District Attorney Patrick Swanson’s knowledge.
Young does not have a lawyer of record yet, according to the clerk. Public Defender John P. Rice III, however, appeared when Young was originally scheduled for arraignment last September.
Young faces charges in connection with 12 fires in Chautauqua County. He was indicted by a grand jury last fall on 14 total arson charges, as well as  11 criminal mischief charges.
We will have a separate post later this afternoon to detail testimony and specifics of the hearing.