Business Owner Expresses Concerns With Falconer Rubble

FALCONER-Vac-Shop Owner and Village Trustee Brian Nelson is speaking out about potential health concerns associated with what’s left of the Main St. building in the Village of Falconer.

Nelson said there’s an asbestos concern after the building was allegedly set ablaze by 19-year-old Jonathan Young.

The owners of the building have since failed to clean the rubble according to Nelson.

Nelson also said he’s teamed up with other business owners to make the recovery process speedier.

He opened his doors to The Roots Salon, whose parlor was destroyed by fire in April.

A grand opening is set for Tuesday.

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  1. This is the first I’m hearing about asbestos. I think if there was an asbestos concern there would be some sort of a misting happening to keep dust down. Is Falconer going to be open to a class action law suit for failing to inform the public? I think this is just a scare tactic from someone hoping to pay pennies for the property.

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