Call Cancelled: Zoning Board Unaccounted For After Wednesday Meeting Cancelled

JAMESTOWN – A meeting scheduled to discuss a cell tower that would tower over several properties in Jamestown’s Hallock St. neighborhood was canceled on Wednesday. 

WNYNewsNow was notified of the meeting change while trying to enter a locked city council chamber where the meeting was supposed to be.

County Lawmaker Dave Wilfong, who lives down the street from where the tower would be built, said no one informed him of the meeting.

“I don’t know anything about that to be honest,” Wilfong said. “But I do know we’ve had people who have been showing up because no one wants that monstrosity in that residential neighborhood.”

Wilfong said that some residents don’t really know what is going on in their neighborhood.

“A cell tower is not going to be the most happening thing,” Wilfong said.

WNYNewsNow attempted to ask project engineers with Verizon to clarify the health risks at last month’s meeting, but the team declined to comment and directed us to their PR office.

The American Cancer Society, however, reports the chances of becoming ill when living near a tower are slight. Public exposure to radio waves from cell phone towers is less likely to impact people’s health because power levels are relatively low, much lower than radio and television signals. Also, signals from cell towers are transmitted intermittently rather than constantly.

Other proposed sites include Bergman Park and the use of small cell boosters along the Fairmount Ave. corridor. Verizon officials say, however, those solutions will not fix the capacity issue presented.

The FCC regulates cell companies like a public utility. Verizon said they are required to maintain coverage in the Jamestown area.

The Verizon team notes that there is “limited flexibility” where the project could be located.

The City’s Development Office told WNYNewsNow the next meeting will take place on January 5th.