Chautauqua County Voters Buck State-Wide Trends

MAYVILLE – While Democrats topped the state-wide races with fairly easy victories, voters in Chautauqua County and much of western New York and the Southern Tier bucked that trend, supporting Republicans.
If Marc Molinaro were running for Governor of Chautauqua County, a position that obviously doesn’t exist, he would have won easily.
Molinaro’s visits to the region helped boost his campaign. The GOP hopeful received 24,511 votes (60.01) to Incumbent Democrat Andrew Cuomo’s 14,257 (34.90).
Libertarian Larry Sharpe did better here than across the state percentage wise with 1,347 votes (3.30). Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins finished fourth in the county with 429 (1.05) and Serve America candidate Stephanie Miner tallied 286 votes (0.70). There were 18 write-in votes (0.04).
The race for State Comptroller was very tight in the county. Winner Thomas P. DiNapoli tallied 20,073 votes (49.67), to Jonathan Trichter’s 19,658 (48.65). Mark Dunlea, Green Party, won 342 votes (0.85), while Libertarian Cruger E. Gallaudet received 328 votes (0.81). There were 10 write-in votes (0.02).
Keith Wofford easily won the Attorney General race in Chautauqua County with 24,288 votes (60.99) to Letitia A. James 14,524 (36.47). The Green Party’s Michael Sussman won 357 votes (0.90). Reform Party candidate Nancy Sliwa received 242 votes (0.61). Libertarian Christopher B. Garvey tallied 394 votes (0.99). There were 21 write-in votes (0.05).
Chele Chiavacci Farley won the county race for U.S. Senator with 21,114 votes (52.18) while winner Kirsten Gillibrand received 19,340 (47.79). There were 12 write-in votes (0.03).